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Media Player 10 causing probs for 320x240 video

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OK so I thought that you have to do some tweaks to #3 after you enable 320x240 in the registry but as it turns out you do not.

I guess the issue some people are having is playback @ that res. After a bunch of tests, the issue is that you can record as much video as you want, but as soon as you fire up Media Player 10, if you try to record after that's running, you basically cant (at least I'm not able to.. and I know some others can't either). Basically you have to a simple reboot on the Q so that WM10 is not running to record the videos again.

Is there some sort of a processes manager or something that you can use to manually kill apps that bog down the phone for whatever reason? No way I can see to "exit" WM10 after you start it up.


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heh, I feel dumb :D

each time I looked I saw nothing there but thats because I did nto have anything running (doh).

I'll go plug the power cord in now.

Thanks :(

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