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The Shadow II is coming to T-Mo USA

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What you see before you is a sneaky little spy pic of the forthcoming Shadow II, courtesy of new site TMoNews.

Deets are thin, but it sure looks like more of the same. Apparently the Shadow II is going to be a [email protected] device, so it definitely has WiFi :D What else can we get from the picture? A smoother finish, rounded corners, same Neo homescreen, same MyFaves support, same Smartphone OS and HOPEFULLY the same 20 key keyboard that was so well loved on the original Shadow.

Here's hoping for a bigger battery though... :(


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This looks quite interesting. Like the HTC Touch Cruise, but for WM Standard.

Here’s to hoping the specs are good. See The Perfect Smartphone for discussion on minimum specs for a good WM Standard phone.

It must have 3G to be considered an upgrade. Should have, although unlikely, GPS.

Query release date and availability in unlocked form. Can’t wait forever!

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