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sync between vista and snapVue

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hi team,

on vista i installed outlook 2003 and i'd setup my exchange-account.

the sync between the exchange-server and my outlook on shift is

working very well.

now, it woul be nice to have this things:


everytime my outlook is receiving new mails, the snapVue should update too.

but without making an extra connection, cause then i always need the double

of traffic, right?

it should get the newest mails from vista directly. any idea to get this running?


if i'm in snapVue, all the new mails should also changing on vista-side,

without getting this again from exchange. snapVue has to push the mails

intern to vista.

does this work and where could i set it up?

it's strange, but some mails, allready have transfered to snapVue from vista, i think.

i'm not sure, what to do. maybe somenone could explain me how this exactly is


thank you : )


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