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Accessing /Windows Folder

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I'm new to PPC in general, I just got this phone a couple days ago.

It's a Telus (Canada)-based HTC Touch (P3050), so i'm hoping this is the right subforum to be in. :D

I found some information on how to edit the city list of the weather tab to add my home town in, as it's not included in the default list. I found the correct location code, but my problem is that I don't have access to the /Windows folder.

I can see the folder when browsing on the phone, but when I connect to my computer via USB, the /Windows and /Temp folders are not viewable on the computer.

Can anyone help me with getting access to these files? I have set "Show hidden files and folders" with no luck. Are these folders locked out by Telus? Is there some way to get around this? Or perhaps someone can show me a text editor for WM6 that will let me edit the system files that I need to change, directly on the phone instead of using the computer.


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I can't help with your problem directly but for your information I can access the Windows folder using the Explore button in ActiveSync with my device connected.

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