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Shadow/Juno Wifi Problem After ROM Update

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I updated the ROM about two months ago. Apparently, I don't use Wifi all that much, because when I tried this past weekend, it didn't work. Checking the settings read: "Driver Not Loaded." I Googled the problem and T-Mobile is obviously trying to downplay how prevelent this is, but it's out there. In some cases, this has happened with new phones, but in others, it's been happening after the ROM update.

When I called, the rep said it was a known issue and that I needed to perform the ROM update again, which I did. This allowed the Wifi to turn on, but it acted as though it had no antenna (never connected to any network). I called back and they immediately offered an exchange for a new phone, as long as I paid $10 for shipping. I argued with the rep and her boss for almost an hour about this, but only got the line that they can't offer any credit for refund for shipping because it's an HTC product (even though it's branded by T-Mobile).

In the end, I got 200 bonus minutes on my account. I haven't gotten the phone yet, but I was promised that if the new one doesn't work, THEN I can get another new one for free (no shipping).

I know no cellular carrier is perfect, but seriously? They can't waive $10 in shipping even though the problem is 100% their fault?

Between this and the slow going on the 3G network (besides the fact that the Shadow isn't even 3G compliant), I'm starting to regret staying with T-Mobile and not swtiching to Sprint. What good is a phone that can tether an internet connection at 200Kps?

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