Obi G

are o2 business phones sim locked?

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Obi G    0

morning, sorry if this is a stupidly basic question, but does anyone know if o2 business sim lock their phones? i'm due a company phone and don't want to replace my tytnII (which is on orange) as i'm early on into a contract.

what i wanted to do was get a phone from o2 business and then swap sims - orange sim into o2 phone, o2 sim into tytnII. this way i can use the tytnII for work and just take out a little phone when i don't need to be work contactable. but... i don't want to go through the hassle of getting it unlocked, and then reunlocking it any time i updated the firmware or anything.

thanks in advance :D


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Confucious    1

No reply yet? I have only had a non business O2 phone and that was not locked. I do not believe that O2 lock any of their phones but will try and confirm that.

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TerryTpot    0
o2 do not lock their handsets

Not strictly true as ome of their XDA devices were shipped locked as was my HD2 (although they will quite happily provide an unlock code if you request one but you may have to wait upto 28 day sto get it) :D

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