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Camera Templates... Help =(

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i've been playing with the camera templates for a while now and i still can't seem to get it right, i hope someone could help me....so here's my problem


i haven't found any post regarding making your own templates except for this one : http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-C...0-Photo-Themes/

so i read the whole tutorial and followed everything... the problem is it doesn't seem to work on the shadow, here's an example:


black is supposed to be transparent and white is supposed to be opaque...but when i load it on the shadow u could see the face is all black...

...so i spent another 2 hours switching layers around and here's the closest i got to:


i don't know if u guys could see it but there's a transparent square around the face and that's what im having trouble with....

if anyone have any idea how to remove that square it'll be a big help.... once fix'd i'll try to upload all the templates.... tnx =)

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