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Touch Screen Not Functioning & Startup Time Lagging

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I had this issue happen when i installed vTap from www.vTap.com for Youtube videos.

I downloaded and installed vTap, and watched a 10minute video. next thing i did was powercycle the device, and now i cannot touch the screen. the startup extremely laggs from the normal 30second powerup, now is a 5-7minute powerup, and I cannot activesync to manualy remove the vTap software because i simply believe I turned that interface completely off, and without the touch screen enabled, i cannot get to the system tools menu to do a Hard Reset for my Touch....


What can be done.

Ive seen others use a Piece of software for their Win XP/Vista machines to control their devices in the past. Can I do this to get to my System reset?


Jordon Fenton

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