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Q9H Charging

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OK, so I got couple of the microUSB <-> miniUSB connectors and the results arte interesting:

1) device will charge from miniUSb data cable in my PC with convertor attached

2) device will NOT charge from a car miniUSB charge with convertor attached

3) device will NOT charge from a miniUSB 120V plug when 100% battery drained but will charge when battery is above certain level

So I am trying to figure out why - I check the amps on the original microUSB moto wall charger - 5v 850mA my miniSB wall charge is 5v 1A so there is enough juice there. The care cigarette plug has no amps listed. Can there be ani difference in the wiring? I am pretty sure the 5 wire miniUSB connectors are wired the same but what abotu the micro <-> min convertor?

Anybody has some more info?


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yeah, i had this same problem. I couldn't figure out how to make a generic usb/auto or usb/AC adapter charge my q9h. I had to shell out like 30 dollars for motorola's auto charger made specifically for the q9h (what a rip!).

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