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Jake E

Custom text on home screen using xml

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I wasn't sure, but I took a guess and figured it out by looking at the plug-in text for SMS Messages...

Here's an example of what it would look like in my calendar plugin; what is in bold is the only thing I changed. Note the space after the ":" If that is not included the text between "Appointments:" and whatever time your next appointment is will be placed together...

<!-- Calendar Plugin -->


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Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

Found this might help

this the website i got it from its good for reference of course you need to customise colors and everything

source: http://msmobiles.com/docs/smartphone/plugins/22.htm

Text Label Plug-In

Description: Displays a static piece of text.

Text wraps if necessary: Yes.

Receives selection: No.

Hide on phone lock: No.

Class ID: {5419F376-6520-4407-B8B8-740F5B353EDA}

The text is specified using the element. To control the background of the plug-in, use the tag.

The following XML shows an implementation example for this plug-in.



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