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Jake E

Creating lnk to TCPMP and opening playlist

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I've tried:

66#\Storage Card\Music\1playlists\allmusic.pls?\windows\playlist.icl,0

as well as

98#\Program Files\TCPMP\PLAYER.EXE \Storage Card\Music\1playlists\allmusic.pls?\windows\playlist.icl,0

Both show the icon fine, but will not launch the playlist.

The following lnk WILL launch the playlist (but without the custom icon):

80#"\Program Files\TCPMP\PLAYER.EXE" "\Storage Card\Music\1playlists\allmusic.pls"

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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This works:

102#"\Program Files\TCPMP\PLAYER.EXE" "\Storage Card\Music\1playlists\allmusic.pls"?\windows\playlist.icl,0

Just took some tinkering.

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