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Help Please! Just upgraded from spv m600 to spv m700

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Hi all. Help and advice needed please:

I have just bought an spv m700 (with Windows Mobile 6.1) and need to transfer all my stuff from my spv m600 (with Windows Mobile 5.0):

1. On my m600, all my contacts are stored on the phone (not the sim). What's the best way to transfer them all to my m700?

2. Does all the great SPB software on my m600 need to be downloaded again to the m700 or are there CAB files somewhere which I can save to my laptop then transfer to my m700? (I presume the different WM edition makes no difference?)

3. I imagine the old owner flashed WM6.1 onto this m700. Is there anything I should know about this version (as I am only used to WM5)

Any other advice you may have on how to best use my new spv m700 will me much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Matt. :D

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Using Activesync is the best way to transfer your contacts. Sync M600 to your laptop then your laptop to M700

If you purchased SPB software for your M600 and still have the installtion files then use the same method to install it on your M700. Shouldn't be any compatibility issues.

I'm using WM6.1 Elegance. So far no problems.

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I tried a WM 6.1 ROM on my M700 and lost the ability to send and recieve MMS, Had to go back to WM6. The only difference i found between 6 and 6.1 was the threaded SMS.

I had a look at the elegance ROM but it looked very cluttered with too many programmes preinstalled

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