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Disabling HTC camera shutter sound

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I've searched this site and two of the other big mobile ones and still not found the answer, which is why I am generating a new thread. I've seen plenty of suggestions, all of which failed. It is now driving me bananas, on a point of principle that is now bigger than the problem I was trying to solve.

I have a WM6 HTC Touch (dunno the alternative names of this model, Vogue?). The sound of the focus shutter is, as described on another thread (http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-niki-niki-modaco-com/266792/camera-shutter-noise/), loud enough to literally fetch the neighbours wondering what the noise is. It needs to be disabled or at least changed.

The camera Menu - Settings - Advanced has no sound disabling option.

I have tried, without sucess:

Pointing HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\Common\SourceOfSnapSound from Snap.wav to a different .wav file. Bizarrely I don't even have a Snap.wav file in the Windows directory (even with Show All Files).

Changing Windows\Snap.wav to Windows\*none*

Changing HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\General\DisableShutterSound from 0 to 1

Changing HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\Captparam\Volume from 5 to 0 and also 1

Where do I go next (other than only using the camera at football games)?

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Out of interest, if you put the phone into silent mode, does it turn the noise off?


The interesting thing is that all the other hacks and mods I've done have worked and been obvious, but this is like it's working under a different registry and hidden file system.

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I can turn the sound of my Touch Dual from within the settings in the camera app. Can't remember exactly where the setting was, but it's definately possible on my Dual.

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Hi everyone,

I found in Windows\CameraRc.dll, the shutter sound is there.

I tried to change the wav file and recompile the DLL file, but it still not work.

I have an error on loading the camera apps.

I don't know if it ring a bell to someone.

Have a nice day

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1. In the windows directory, make a copy of the file "silence.wav" (or make your own silent wav file and upload it to your phone)

2. Paste this copy into the windows directory, and rename is as "snap" (should already be a wav file). It will ask you if you want to do this in the system folder, just say yes.

It will play this file instead of the shutter sound.

Note: It doesn't matter that you can't find the actual file, it's a hidden system file. When you put in the new one, it will overwrite the old one. There is still a little beep when you exit the camera, but that's no big deal (to me anyways)

Note 2: If you delete this snap file, windows will recreate the shutter sound (likely getting it from somewhere else it's stored) and you can get it back (though I don't know why you'd want it).

This doesn't actually stop the camera from playing a sound file, it just plays an empty wav. I used my own that I uploaded because the silence.wav was a bit lengthy and not completely silent.

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