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Lost my volume control!!!

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Some time ago I noticed that my Shadow no longer has any sort of volume control - in call or not. Volume buttons do nothing but move the selection to the top of the screen (of whatever screen is active). I can't say exactly when this happened, but it was sometime after installing new themes. Unfortunately I can't remember what I installed or when because I've installed quite a few things :-). I've tried uninstalling potentially violating programs, changing themes, etc with no luck. Browsed the registry and couldn't really find anything that looked like a keymap for the volume keys. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get my volume control back???

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Uhm, I'm not sure if this will help, but did you try the "Buttons" program in the Settings menu. You should be able to reassign a button to the volume control the volume through there.

If it doesn't work after the change, try doing a soft reset.

I hope this helps.

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