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Weird WM6 (or HTC) bug: New Email? Impossible!

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Ok this is just weird. Windows' or HTC's fault, I'm not sure.

WM6 running on an HTC Touch Dual.

Fantastic in most respects but I just found out that I have no way of creating a new email in my Gmail SMTP account on this device.

Menu > New just doesn't work! There is an arrow that I'm guessing should not be there next to the 'New' (ie. the sort that brings up a second sub-menu) and when you hit 'New' you can just see something flicker on or off above that arrow. But it doesn't actually do anything.

And Menu > New works fine on my other email account on the phone - an Outlook/Exchange account. (With no extraneous arrow next to New I might note!)

Anyone else got this or heard of this? More importantly anyone know how to fix the #[email protected]&^ thing?! :D



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