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Orange retail customer service

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well i just got an upgrade to an HTC touch. All good I think...havent played with.

the lady at the counter well, whilst she was attractive and, face it, had a huge chest and a really small size in terms of height, sure I would have loved to ask her out but.... the body language was just poor. I mean, she didnt "want" to help but felt as if she "had" to help. Kept the convesation to an absolute minimal, didnt actually pitch me to buy the device or interest me in an 18 month contract rather than 12

really, she wasnt that talkative but was talkative with other people when I got there (well, there were only 2 people, a couple)... when it came to me just...boof, "na, cant be bothered with you". and no before you start, i wasnt "checking her out" LOL :D I dont do that....

what happened to politeness?

jeez.... honestly.

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i think if you get a nice looking sales girl with a big chest then you should count yourself lucky, my lad...

LOL :D Thanks.

well still, its typical though amoungst them..."big chest" "all pretty".... all "up there".... *rolls eyes*

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