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CJ Rowlands

Editing the 6.1 Sliding theme

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ok, im not a complete newb, but i dont know anything about xml

i know what xml files are just about, but not about how to use them other than "paste them to your home folder" or similar things :(

I have recently flashed Dr Gonzos 6.1 rom onto my vox, and its all prety amazing

but there is one thing i would like to change.

i dont use the image plugin on the homescreen so i was wondering how to change it to access something else

i want it to access "OneNote"

all i want is for it to say "OneNote" and to open the program when i click it

can anyone help me with how to do this?

my searchy powers failed me when trying to find anything

thanks in advance if anyone can help me :D


(i know it would be more appropriate to put this into the vox section, but i meantioned it in a previous thread and had no luck, so i am putting one here)

Edited by CJ Rowlands

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