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Copilot 6 POI problems on Elf

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I have a tmobile MDA touch plus, (aka HTC Touch Elf) and have installed Copilot 6 suscessfully onto my new 4GB memory card, and it seems to work all fine... UNTIL ... when running copilot in VIEW 3d mode, I enable the Points of interest, (which used to work fine on my old MDA vario with less memory) and then the program crashes and says its run out of memory.

Anyone else had this problem?

Anyone know how to fix it?

I've not got much else on the memory card, and only have a few songs and small videos on there taking the storage card memory up to 1.2 GB.

Any ideas please?



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What have you got installed on the device itself? What else do you have running alongside CP?


I have nothing else installed except this and the original t-mobile software. yesterday Copilot 6 has finally given up the ghost. I now have to remove this application, de-activate from the Copilot helpdesk and reinstall from new.

Not a happy man !


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