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Dark Horse

Size of button image for MRU plugin icon selection?

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Morning all,

Does anyone know what size the button image needs to be for the MRU plugin? My code currently looks like this:

<mru max-buttons="7" icon-size="16" x="145" y="4" button-image="test.bmp"/>

I've been messing around with the size of the test.bmp image but can't get it right. if I use a 16 x 16 image for example, the MRU list of icons are all squashed together. I get the same result with a 26x26 bitmap that is the size of the normal highlight behind an icon.

Whilst there's lots of info available about adding a button image to the MRU plugin, I've not been able to find anything about what size this image needs to be and whether it has to correspond with the size of the MRU icons (either 16x16 or 32x32) or with the size of the actual plugin itself.

The bit about having four sections is also very confusing! As I understand, the image needs to be a single bitmap that contains four horizontal sections. Each section is used for the following state:

1. MRU plugin has focus and an icon is selected

2. MRU plugin has focus but no icons are selected

3. MRU plugin does not have focus and an icon is selected

4. MRU plugin does not have focus and no icons are selected

What size do these sections need to be and how shopuld they be separated? Many thanks in advance.


Dark Horse

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