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T-Mobile cuts roaming data charge by 80%!!

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From Mobile-ent.biz

Eighty per cent cut indicates just how exorbitant previous price points were.From July 1st T-Mobile will slash the cost of internet access from a handset or laptop mobile broadband connection while roaming in the EU from £7.50 per megabyte to just £1.50.

The reduction comes in the same week EU commissioner Viviane Reding railed against the cost of data roaming in Europe and off the back of GSMA research that showed European data roaming traffic had jumped by 75 per cent.

The fact that T-Mobile can lop 80 per cent off its data charges and presumably still make money indicates that current rates were exorbitantly high.



:( :o

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This is good news - I'm off to Tenerife in August and this means I won't need to cripple my Hermes while I'm away.


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