TouchFlo3D + Diamond goodies.

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Looks Great!

Okay. I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post that is (I hope) useful to people who like the Diamond graphics. It's totally legal and created by the very talented people of XDA-Developers. I'm just sharing what I like.

This is by far the best Manilla homescreen I have seen. It's run via a program called ThrottleLauncher, it's also very customizable. It's very easy to get up and HAS animations, unlike the other Manilla/TouchFlo3D skins I have seen. Now I'll be waiting for the HTC Touch Pro instead of getting a Diamond.

NOTE: This is only for portrait! Currently it will not adapt to landscape. People are working on that and I'll update this thread it if becomes landscape compatible



Want more pictures?


Instructions: (Scroll down for cabs)

1. Install ThrottleLauncer-0.9.1cab NOTE: It works better on main memory

2. Install TL_TouchFlo3D.cab NOTE: It works better on main memory

3. Start>Programs>ThrottleConfig. Wait and the config will pop up soon.

4. Follow pictures instructions below



5. If the Today plugin hasn't been applied already, go to Start>Settings>Personal>Today>Items>Disable all except ThrottleToday

6. Enjoy

Click below to download:




1. On the People, Programs, and Settings tab, you can slide your finger horizontal to see more

2. Weather Tab

- This version has it's own weather program now :)

3. Music Tab

-You can use either WMP, S2P, or MortPlayer. I suggest S2P.

4. The programs tab is customizable via TouchFlo3D Config which is accessible via ThrottleConfig

5. Personally since I've overclocked my AT&T Tilt (Kaiser) to 520 Mhz, I use 20fps. The default is 14fps. You can change it via (On the Throttle Launcher Today Plugin) Settings Tab>TouchFlo3D>Experimental>change fps. It's very smooth and stable at 20 for me.

7. I don't recommend you change any settings unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing and if you decide to, make sure you BACKUP your device just in case.

5. For people that dont want military time, go to ThrottleConfig>Config>Clock>Scroll Down>12 Hour for clock

6. If you wanted my .tsk file (Top and bottom black bar) , click below to download the zip. To enable, copy to Windows folder and go to Settings>Personal>Today>Appearance>Select Diamond>Click Ok


Last note lol.

Now if you want your WHOLE phone to look like a diamond, check the files below. There are two folders. One replaces graphics for Dialer, WMP skin, call history, contacts, etc. This replaces files in the Windows folder, so backup if you have the worry that you won't like them. The other is a WMP skin, but black. That you can just put that folder in your Program Files\Windows Media Player folder and go to Start>Programs>WMP>Menu>Options>Skins>Select the Diamond skin. (If you replaced the ones in the Windows folder, you'll have a white diamond wmp skin and a black one). Make sure after you select it in portrait mode, you switch to landscape and select it for landscape mode too. You have to select them individually in both portrait and landscape. This one was too big to upload here, so it's on Megaupload.

Click here to download Graphics and WMP skin (Megaupload)

Click here to download Graphics and WMP skin (MoDaCo)

Preview of Black WMP skin:


Credits to Itje (from xda developers) for every other graphics

Credits to poorlyduck (from xda developers) for the white diamond wmp skin

Credits to akidnamedalbert (from xda developers) for the diamond audiomanger skin

Credits go to APBilbo from XDA-Developers for creating ThrottleLauncher and the TouchFlo3D skin.

Original Thread Link: Click Here

Click here to donate to APBilbo for his hard work!

Excuse me for any errors, this took a long time to write.

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