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File Name: Vista QVGA Landscape

File Submitter: Dark Horse

File Submitted: 19 Jun 2008

File Category: QVGA Landscape ( Moto Q )

Here's a QVGA 320x240 landscape version of my C500 Vista homescreen for the Samsung i600/Blackjack. Due to the temperamental nature of the i600 with 3rd party plugins, Vista QVGA uses the standard plugins only so no additional installs are required. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get those damn soft keys in any colour other than bog-standard grey, anyone know how this can be done permanently? :D

The Wi-Fi plugin can also be used to switch bluetooth and telephony on and off whilst the the alarm icon is greyed out if no alarm is set. Haven't bothered adding an email icon or counter as I don't use remote email that often and besides, it would have ruined the symmetry of the screen :(

Installation is simple, just unzip the attached file to somewhere on your PC and then copy the 2 files (VistaQVGA.home.xml and VistaQVGA.jpg to the \Application Data\Home directory on your QVGA moby. Go to Start - Settings - Display - Home Screen and change the Home screen layout to "Vista QVGA".

Click here to download this file

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