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True VGA game recommendations?

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What games would you chaps recommend for the Touch Diamond?

Is the graphics chip accelerated - thus is it possible to run those 3D versions of Quake / COD?

Many thanks in advance!

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Ive tried the Demo of Call of Duty 2 from Click gamer and that happily ran on the Touch Diamond.

Plus good ol Picodrive runs very smoothly. (on my Touch Dual it ran very sluggishly so I think the graphics acceleration is working on the touch diamond as PicoDrive runs very smoothly, sonic on your phone, spot on!)

Also tried FinalBurn which runs Capcom game roms (google to see what im talking about) Got Streetfighter 2 working on my Diamond and it looks and plays pretty good (apart from the lack of hardware buttons to assign it runs smoothly and at proper speed)

Be interesting to see what other games people know work.

Incidently tried MicroPool and that wouldnt run (also quake but I think thats something im doing wrong as it displays the Quake interface but when i quit out of it shows the screenshot of Quake itself, weird)

Overall im happy with the screen quality and the games that work so far, just gotta find some more now! :D

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