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w580i and SETOOL2LITE

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Someone on an earlier post said that he used the program, SETOOL2LITE to unlock the code for w580i.

Here's where it was said; look under Alex's post, please:


Does he mean unlock the phone when you put a password on it and you forgot it? That's what i'm trying to confirm right now.

Also, i'm actually trying to confirm if you can actually do that with this program. If so, can anyone tell me where I could download it?


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Why did you start a new thread rather than posting in that one? A simple google will find the file but I've no idea what it does.

I started a new one because that was was post 2 YEARS AGO in DECEMBER...

Basically, I assumed why anyone would check it if it was that long ago, so I was trying to think efficiently...

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