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HP iPAQ 614c Problems

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I just got a new 614c and am experiencing some problems which to me make it a hard device to live with.

First up is the default input method. Even when xT9 is selected, xT9 isn't actually used as the default input method everywhere. It is in some places, but other places it is not (such as Internet Explorer Address Bar, IE Form Entry Boxes). This makes it highly annoying to use, especially as on occassion the input method notifier icon disappears (gets squeezed out from the icon bar) thus meaning you don't know what method you're using...slows down usage incredibly.

Second, has anyone tried Opera on this device? In Opera I first get an error on starting, which I can close and Opera loads. But then on usage, I can only type using numbers with the hard keys. Even after I choose ABC, or T9, the hard keys still type numbers only.

Next, has anyone found a way to speed up the Up/Down/Left/Right (thumb on '5', slide in direction) movement on the SmartTouch? The repeat function is so so slow it makes it almost unusable, which thus means the device is devoid of any directional joypad entry form.



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