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some weird questions

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hi all-

i'm newly registered here but i've been browsing ever since i got my att q9h a few weeks ago. after settling down with the phone (including registry hacks, cab installs, etc) i have just a few weird questions that bother me sometimes.

1. i'm using blackberry connect to get my email pushed to me off my server. say i'm at my desk. if an email pops up on both my computer and my phone, and i mark it as read on my computer, will it be marked as read on my phone as well? i've never waited long enough to see if this takes effect; usually i read it in one place and then mark it as read (manually) on the other. also, my blackberry tech told me to select the option to "delete on the phone as well as on the server" but i don't see that option here.

2. sometimes my mobile internet connection will drop out when i'm browsing maps or surfing the web. i notice the 3g/E in the corner turns into a satellite. when i go to my homescreen and click on my service provider (as in the quick way to turn off BT) i'll notice that instead of saying "phone -- on" it will say "phone -- blackberry." could this be the cause of my internet dropping? i have BB enterprise and medianet 200 on my plan. the only way i've found to restore internet is to call tech support and have them push settings or whatever they push onto my phone.

also, if anyone knows the reason for that black screen crash when the screen wakes up, let me know. i got lost in the pages of that other thread and i've already put too much work into my phone to exchange it. :D


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one more: say i'm entering in some text into either a text message or email, but i don't want the first letter of the first word of a sentence capitalized? how can i change this? on phones with itap or the standard key presses you could just push down on the dpad.

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