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I am planning on buying a touch diamond on the 14th Jul and i have never had a WinMo phone before so im wondering about the firmwavre update. I currently have a Nokia N95 and always used S60 and with the nokia update process, it all depends on whether your phone is branded by your network and needs to be hacked to change the product code to recieve Nokia's own updates. Or face having to wait months for Vodafone to release their branded update. I was wondering what the process was with the Tuch Diamond and if i receive Vodafones branded firmware, could i still update the phone with the generic update facility or have to wait ofr vodafone to release an update? And if i have to wait is it possible to hack the phone to debrand it?

Thanks in advance

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You can usually "hack" the phone and load other firmware updates on the phone which improve the Radio Version of the Phone (signal strength, reception, etc) and also the ROM of the phone (operating system version etc)

This apparently invalidates the warranty unless you use a specific update from either the network carrier or if you have a HTC version then from HTC directly.

XDA-Developers.com is the best place to look for all things to improve the performance of your Diamond.

I agree with what you say, you may be waiting ages for the Networks to release a particular Firmware Upgrade so thats where xda developers comes in. There are loads of tweaks and updates already available for the Diamond and its just personal preference to what you install.

Beware tho, read the forum thoroughly as doing the wrong thing could brick your phone, as long as you read, read and then read some more and follow the instructions things should be fine.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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