T-Mobile introduce HSUPA 1.4mbs Upload Speeds!

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? What's this?

IMA = Inverse Multiplexing of ATM.

Historically base stations are fed by 2Mbt PCM links, now these are more suited to a circuit switched environment, but as 3G is packet based, these links have limitations in a 3g world.

IMA allows you to use multiple 2Mbt links together as an ATM based single link. What this allows is for what would be a combined 6Mbt link to produce more than that, because there are control pathe on each individual link, with ATM these are not needed.

So the more links into a site, the more data is freed up by IMA.

Most T-Mobile sites are going to 3 or 4 links and some are sheduled to go to 8. No other network has sites at this level of capacity.

A site with only one 2Mbt link going in, will share that 2Mbt between 3 sectors of data and voice. The amount of data available is dependent on the amount of voice traffic (voice will alway take priororty over data, at the moment anyway). This site will show HSDPA, but will produce low data rates.

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