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Defective Battery/ Emulation.........

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Ok guys, I have one-and-a-half problems with my Q. The most troubling one is with my battery: I am someone who likes to get the most battery life out of their devices (iPod, Laptop, etc.), so my Q9m is seriously a thorn in my side. It seems like my battery is defective, becuase after following my usual habit of initiating and setting up my new Q (run the battery out all the way BEFORE charging phone for the first time, add contacts), I was surprised to see that I was getting maybe 2 hours of battery life on a full charge when seriously using phone. The one thing that really got me worrying is that one night, after fully charging my phone and unplugging it, the phone did not survive 6-7 hours in standby mode! According to a few sites and people I've consulted, the phone's battery should last more than 8 DAYS in standby. I was wondering if there was anywhere where I could purchase a battery that gets BETTER battery life than the standard battery.

This is more of a question than a problem: I am a local homebrew programmer who is interested in a couple of emulators for Windows CE. Please PM me or reply if you can locate any emulators for these systems:


Sega Master System

Gameboy Advanced

Sega Genesis \m/

Atari 2600


BTW, if any of you are looking for Windows CE-compatible emulators for: Gameboy Color, SNES, NES or any system emulator for Macintosh 10.4/ 10.5, just message me.

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I had the same problem with my Q9M untill I bought an 1850 mah extended battery.Makes the phone a little fatter but it also makses a HUGE improvement on battery life.It also helps if you configure messaging to not auto check for new messages.It kills the battery.Adjust your backlight and screen time out settings also.And if you aren't going to be using an app (such as IE running in the background),kill it.Apps running while not being used waste battery life..Emulators I know of.These are ones I know work on the Moto Q.Picodrive for Genesis.You can get that here.Also GBAACE and Pocket GBA.Ace can also be DL'd here.Its still in it's early stages.Not sure if Pocket GBA runs on the Q.For Atari 2600 there's Stella.The others I'm not sure about.I know there's a Master System emulator.Wait a sec,I believe Smartgear does Master System alng with TG16 and others.It's a multi system emulator.That one is a commercial product so you'll have to pay to use it fully.It's a full working demo which allows 2 minutes of use per game...I was looking for a Colecovision emulator but no luck.Only one I know of is Colem (for Symbian) and Pocket Coleco but that one only works on PPC 2003.If you know of one please do tell....hope this helps

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