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LCARS Theme: Help with Orange Plugin

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I am developing a theme for Windows Mobile 6 (Smartphone) based off of LCARS, the computer system featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager.

LCARSCom.Net is an excellent example of this interface.

Eventually this theme will encompass however much of the Windows Mobile platform is customisable, including Windows Media Player, icons, and sounds.

Here is a preliminary mock-up of what I'd like the theme to look like:


The background comprises just the shapes. The buttons each have their own backgrounds for selected and non-selected states.

I would like the user to be able to select the missed calls button but not the clock. When selecting it, this is what they would see:



This forum has been incredibly helpful to me but I've reached a snag.

I am using the Orange plugin to display the "Missed Calls" plugin and the "Clock" plugin side-by-side using the following code:



I have compared this with other Home themes using the Orange plugin and cannot understand why it does not work. When I remove the plugins from the Orange plugin and place them by themselves in the XML file, they work.

Currently the plugin is taking up the correct amount of space on my homescreen but is not displaying either of the clock or missed calls plugins.

I'd very much appreciate any help.

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hi Vandoos,

I'm afraid I am too lacking in knowledge to offer any help ....

and since my posting is over 12 months later, I wonder if you are still subscribing to this thread.

if you are, then I too am seeking help ... and you may be my last faint hope

my searching around the web led me here, based on 'Orange plug-in' as search string.

here is my dilema:

I have an Orange branded HTC Trinity running WM 5 that I would wish to upgrade to WM 6 with Orange.

I have owned a Tytn II running Orange WM 6.1 (this had a far better Orange than WM 5 ver)

Orange never released a WM 6 rom for Trinity/SPV M700

none if the excellent roms at xda-developers inc, Orange branding

I have been unsuc cessfully searching for a WM 6 plugin, or cab file that will give me the full Orange Branding,

which I could then install onto my phone after flashing to WM 6.1

is the plug-in you mention in your posting what I am seeking ? .... if so, would you be kind enough to let me know how to obtain it ?

here's hoping,

best regards,


(aged 65, not yet senile, enjoying tinkering with these modern devices)

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