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RjShortcut QUESTIONS!!!!!!

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I have been writing and testing my homescreen using google search plugin and rjshortcut plugin on my blackjack 1 (wm6)


<plugin clsid="{F3750050-8E30-4c61-A864-4301F5D7C065}" height="31">

<background b-border-width="0">


<format padding-left="6" padding-top="5" padding-bottom="0"/>

<shortcutbar icon-spacing="2" icon-size="small" usedefaulticon="No" iconbgcolor="#0000FF">

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Organizer\Tasks.lnk" appname="Tasks" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Tasks.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Call History.lnk" appname="Call History" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Call History.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Settings.lnk" appname="Settings" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Settings.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\iexplore.exe" appname ="Internet Explorer" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Internet Explorer.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Camera.lnk" appname ="Camera" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Camera.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Organizer\Tasks.lnk" appname="Tasks" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Tasks.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\AT&ampT Music\1 Windows Media.lnk" appname="Media Player" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\Media Player.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Applications\File Explorer.lnk" appname="File Explorer" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\File Explorer.bmp"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\My Stuff.lnk" appname="My Stuff" iconfile="\Windows\Icons\My Stuff.bmp"/>

<appname x="22" y="0" w="248" h="22" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" halign="Right"/>



Everything has been working fine until my last change : iconbgcolor="#0000FF" (blue)

When I flip to my homescreen, it only shows the loading icon (4 colored circle).

Is there a problem with rjshortcut not supporting this color or am I missing somthing?

Thanks in advance :D

Edited by Allon

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