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Changing icon bg color

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Hello Everybody,

I'm using rjshortcut on my BlackJack I (wm6), and am attempting to change the background color of the icons to red (#FF0000).

my code for rjshortcuts reads:

<plugin clsid="{F3750050-8E30-4c61-A864-4301F5D7C065}" name="shortcuts" height="31">


<format state="selected" bgimage="\Application Data\Home\CarbonFiber\allday-selected.jpg" />

<format state="unselected" bgimage="\Application Data\Home\CarbonFiber\allday-unselected.jpg" />


<format padding-left="22" padding-right="0" padding-top="5" padding-bottom="0" />

<shortcutbar format="selected" icon-spacing="2" icon-size="small" usedefaulticon="No" iconbgcolor="#FF0000" bgcolor="transparent" >

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Organizer\Tasks.lnk" appname="Tasks" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\Tasks.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Call History.lnk" appname="Call History" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\Call History.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Settings.lnk" appname="Settings" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\Settings.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\iexplore.exe" appname ="Internet Explorer" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\InternetExplorer.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Camera.lnk" appname ="Camera" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\Camera.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\ATT Music\1 Windows Media.lnk" appname="Media Player" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\MediaPlayer.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\Applications\File Explorer.lnk" appname="File Explorer" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\FileExplorer.ico"/>

<shortcut target="\Windows\Start Menu\My Stuff.lnk" appname="My Stuff" iconfile="\My Documents\Icons\MyStuff.ico"/>


<appname state="selected" fgcolor="#FF0000" x="200" y="0" w="248" h="22" valign="Top" halign="Right" font-weight="bold" font-size="17" />


I have issolated the problem to the iconbgcolor element. When I remove it from the xml file, the bg color is black, and if I put it in, the screen does not load at all. I believe that the syntax is exactlly what rjshortcut asks for, but please review it and let me know. Could the iconbgcolor element not be working for some reason?

Edited by Allon

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