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Hi guys and girls

I am hoping that you can help me.

I have had my Orange SPV M3100 for the last 15 months and it has been amazing, never really had a fault with it.

The last few days however it has decided to not 'ring', in the sense that a call is coming in to the unit and I can see the number calling, the phone is vibrating and will sometimes not make any ringtone noise atall and at other times will play little bits of the ringone!

Its really frustrating as I currently have to have my phone in my pocket 24/7 to know if somebody is calling or not.

I have changed the ringtones and it does exactly the same thing, also the unit no longer makes any noise when I receive a new text message, win at solitaire etc etc.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

Many Thanks


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Alright Buddy.Strangely enough i've recently had the same fault,although the speaker on the back of the phone stopped working completely.

What i did was wip the back off the phone using a T6 driver and i luckily found a tiny connector which clips onto the main board,this attaches to the speaker.the connector is white and there are a black and red wire going to it.This connector is for the loud speaker (where your ringtone comes out of).and mine had worked loose..i just pushed it back on and it clicked securely on.ive took a photo to try and make it less confusingpost-21083-1216932443_thumb.jpgGood luck.This Voids any waranties on your phone as you break a seal over one screw...Good luck

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Thanks for this posting, I had the same issue and was already to send my out of warranty phone back to HTC to fix, who would no doubt have charged me a lot of money to fix..

But I had the same problem and put the connector back into place and all is now working!

Thanks again


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hi, can sum 1 pls help!!!!

i have got a spv m3100 and it is dead not turning on????

and when i try to charge it , there is no LED light???

and i bought a new battery , but still did not work...

pls sum 1 help me..

god bless you. thank you.

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