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50% off on all Filao Games on Mobile2Day.com only Today (13/07/2008)

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I found this great deal for Filao Games on Mobile2Day.com:


You get 50% off on all games made by Filao, but only today on 13/07/2008!

Also you can use this vouchercode (If you didnt use it code allready) if the value of the purchase is higher then 10 Euros (around 15.80 Dollar): PP-Party5

With this code you will save an extra 5 Euros (around 7.90 Dollars)

But you might want to save this code, because tomorrow there will be another developer with 50% off on all his titles, and the code can only be used once per customer (or on one account that ist...^^)...

If this is the wrong thread to post rebattes i found, please let me know the correct one... :D

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