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Carmageddon game?

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been searching for one for a long time and not too long ago i played the mophun version(Carmageddon 3D), which is not as bad as most say.

however most of you that experimented with the mophun emulator know carmageddon only works on qvga phones, on the 176x220 phones the game requires a mophun upgrade or something.

now i searched for an upgrade and all and till now i had no luck whatsoever.

so, i come here for your help. yes, i've seen the other thread. it's on a dead end.

i was thinking that, if someone knew hex editing well enough he could see the differences between the normal and qvga exes and modifiy the version number reported by the first. that way, it could work maby.

i've gathered some experience over the past year with my mpx200, experimenting with various software and windows versions. this is the only program that i haven't been able to solve for other reasons then performance issues.

i'm aware the source code from the original pc games hasn't been released and most likely won't be any time soon, if ever and also i don't see anyone going for reverse engineering the whole game since it's probably complicated.

if there's no solution to make the above game to work, then suggest me a good game that is like carmageddon (i'm more into the peds on the streets thing, not the car smashing. after all, that what made carmageddon famous)

thank you for reading and i hope someone can help me with this.

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