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Claude Renaud

How to use an alternative GPS solution on an ASUS P750

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Hi all,

I have an ASUS P750 PDA Phone running on Windows Mobile 6.0 pro.

This device came equipped with the Destinator GPS solution.

Unfortunately I'm blind and I can not use this software.

I'm obliged to use assistive software such as a screen reader for Windows mobile and a particular GPS solution.

Those products are developed by a spanich firm, Code Factory (http://www.codefactory.Es).

I currently encounter a problem with their new GPS solution I'm betatesting.

Their GPS software, when I try to run it, does not find my internal GPS chip. I tried any com port combination and settings but nothing ...

I would like to know if this particular device is destinator locked and if yes is there is a solution to unlock/use it with an alternative GPS solution as Code Factory's one...

Unfortunately, I signed an NDA and can not tell more about this product...

I asked on other forums with no luck and even ASUSTeK technical support did not give me the answer I were waiting ...

I really hope you could help me ...

Your help would be very appreciated ...

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Problem solved !

For those interested, the problem went away after upgrading my PDA Phone to the latest firmware and installing the latest patches...

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