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SIM contacts visible as well as Phone contacts

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morning all!!

I have been given (after three years of hassling) a Touch Dual as the work phone!! AT LAST!!!

I've been getting re-acquainted with a touchscreen interface but i am going bananas trying to stop the phone displaying the SIM contacts as well as the Outlook/phone contcats. I have duplicates of everything! I like to keep the SIM contacts as its a bit of an essential backup should the worst happen (had to Hard Reset after having it for less than 24hours due a naughty Today plug-in but thats another story...)

can anyone help me? the manual says (see, i've been that desperate, i read the book!) that there are two types of contact but doesnt give any indication how to only have the Phone ones shown in the contact lists..

someone help.. pleease! :D

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Try this cab file (originally from somewhere on XDAdev) it worked on my Diamond

May need a restart after install

yay!!! fantastic!! spot-on!

thank you very much for that.

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