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Juicebar mobile phone charger

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Take a look at this - www.juicebarenergy.com

This looks brilliant but wondered whether anyone else had seen this or used one of these. I love the fact that they are so small and importantly so cheap (£2.99). Just about to order a couple and wanted some feedback before I do!

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I'd rather buy the £10 portable battery from maplins - it gives two charges and is re-usable.

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I assume it's a one hit wonder tho? Bit meh...


HTC are about to launch a rechargeable 'battery bank' that has EXTusb connections to charge HTC products. IIRC it's going to be about £40 though!


With the high capacity of 2680 mAh, the BB G300 Battery bank provides the ability to charge your device up to three times when mains power is not available (depending on usage and battery capacity). The HTC BB G300 is fitted with both USB and HTC ExtUSB™ ports for your convenience and a multi-level charge indicator, the HTC BB G300 is the perfect solution to charging when you are on the move.

N.B. The BB G300 is an alternative solution to older HTC and Qtek models where spare batteries are no longer available.

Technical Details

• Cell capacity: 2680mAh

• Input: 5VDC, 1000 mA (AC adapter) & 500 mA (miniUSB)

• Output: 5VDC, 1000 mA (USB-A)

• Connectors:

- Female standard USB connector(for charging the device from battery bank via the USB cable)

- Female HTC ExtUSB connector(for charging battery bank from USB cable or AC adapter)

USB-A means it's power anything over USB, right? Doesn't seem any better than Pro Porta stuff and twice the price!!!

O.P looks a bit too much like an advert to me :D


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