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Symbian version of Skyfire Beta browser released

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The beta version for the Symbian version of Skyfire browser has been released!

BUT! The beta is only for U.S. people and is very limited. :D

However it is good to see it being made available for Symbian phones.

Although it is not accessible to everyone I would like to briefly inform you that long awaited Skyfire browser for Symbian phones is around the corner and we are one more step closer to the final release.

At this moment, Skyfire is open for the selected private beta testers only and not available for public download. A release date of the final or at least first public beta version wasn't given so far.

If you are using the beta Skyfire browser for the Symbian phone, do let us know what your thoughts are with it. Is it better than Opera? Or the inbuilt browser with the Symbian phone?

[Via: Symbian Freak]

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