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Alert. Access denied. Untrusted certificate?

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Hi all,

I have no clue what happened recently with my SP5m running WM6 but it no longer works properly, the standard functionnality is still OK (e.g. answering/calling) but everything else fails, the system is sooooo super slow and it feels like a 100% CPU usage issue. None of my installed apps would start because everytime I try to execute them it gives me an alert saying "Access denied. The program cannot start because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate."

Anyone ever seen this kind of problem on WM6? Anyone knows how to correct it without formatting?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,


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Without knowing what has been installed/uninstalled the onlt suggestion apart from trying to soft reset would be a to do a hard reset.

Just make sure everything is backed up etc before doing the reset.

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