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Wow, I suddenly realised that I still have my SPV C500.

I moved to Korea a couple of years ago and brought my c500 with me, but it didn't work when I first arrived and my company provided me with a free phone anyway. So it has been lying in my draw for 2 years.

Then I came across it the other day and thought I may as well try to get it working.

I'm a bit out pf touch with Smrtphones at the moment so thought I'd ask here. Is there any way to unlock it so that it will work in Korea, using a Korean sim? Would I just have to unlock it the same as I would in the UK to get it working on any network.

Any advice?


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Bit late for the reply (sorry) but it is possible to SIM unlock the C500 with instructions in this section or over at SPV-Developers.

Do you know what network band Korea uses as the C500 is a triband and not quadband device?

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