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Is TouchFlo 3D going to waste my RAM?

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I've been waiting for a phone with more RAM, but just as i'm about to get my hands on the VarioIV it appears it is going to be crippled by TouchFlo3D... i've been watching the demos on the HTC sites and it appears to be at least 50% of the functionality is to drive superficial animations (like the one that shows messages at an angle within an envelope...). Annoyingly some of the functionality with the finger gestures will be quite useful, but i've not found a way in the past to only turn off part of the functionality... The reviews of the diamond I've read say its a bit slow.... i guess it might be better on the Touch Pro...

I want the extra RAM in the handset because there wasn't enough in the VarioIII to run the programs that i wanted, not so that it could be used by a hyperactive user interface.

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