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Large Fonts

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Ok, I've managed to turn off the stupidly large fonts in programs, now how can I reduce the incredibly huge menu font size.

It was bad enough trying to get the on screen keyboards down to usable sizes (i.e. so i could WTF i was actually typing).

This phone has some daft defaults for WM phone... I guess they are to do with the "touch" aspect but they make the phone unusable as you can't see WTF you are doing for the "helpful" stuff blocking the screen view.

In particular I can't clear a menu by clicking its soft button because the huge menu obscures its own button!

Disabled the touchflo home screen already as it couldn't show more than 3 reminders/tasks/appointments at once let alone my email status at the same...

Whats left is slick aside from the ridiculously scale of some things as the vga screen makes a big difference.

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Ok, I had to edit the registry


The default was 1200 I switched it to 800 (same as the value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\BarFnt\Ht) and all is reasonably sized...

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