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Touch Pro on UK networks

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I really want to get a Touch Pro when my current contract ends in a couple of months. I just have a few questions I was hoping you clued-up people could answer...

Now that HTC devices are being sold under the HTC brand, not as the phone networks' brands, is the same ROM on every device? I have seen in the demonstration videos that it comes with apps such as Live Messenger pre-loaded. Will the phone networks take programmes like this off?

Also, does anyone know which UK networks will be carrying the TP and when. Are they all selling it as the Touch Pro or are some companies still rebranding them?

I've been using an N95 for nearly 18 months and judging by all the reviews I've seen, I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like this phone. Although it has got me using internet on the go more. Is any particular operator better for unlimited internet packages? I remember that a while a go, everyone was on Web and Walk. Is this still the best one? Also, do all of the networks support high-speed HSDPA and is this generally included in the web bundles (or do they only include GPRS)?

Sorry for all the questions. I've been out of the Windows Mobile loop for about a 18 months and I'm desperately trying to catch up!! :D


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I've moved this to modaco, as more people are likely to give you the answers you want...

I'll leave a link to it on mobiholics though.

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