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Scath De Solas

Jog Wheel and/or Button Hacking

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Okay I was gonna use PockeSnes today and found the Keys section of it... So Naturally... I decided to figure out what buttons gave out which codes. And so here they are. Only ones that I couldn't get were the camera and shortcut keys.

So please feel free to use these as a basis for any hacks or registry additions/edits that you wish to make, I'm happy to have helped. If you have any questions feel free to ask I'll be checking this post DAILY.

I myself will be searching the registry for these values to see what I can come up with for everyone.

Now it's my theory that if you can assign keys in game, then why can't you assign them through some other way on the phone.

Jog Wheel

Up - 0x26

Down - 0x28

Left - 0x25

Right - 0x27

Scroll Counter Clockwise - 0x26

Scroll Clockwise - 0x28

Center Button - 0x d or 0xd

Number Pad

0 - 0x30

1 - 0x31

2 - 0x32

3 - 0x33

4 - 0x34

5 - 0x35

6 - 0x36

7 - 0x37

8 - 0x38

9 - 0x39

Q/W/! - 0x51

O/P/. - 0x4f

A/S/? - 0x41

L/, - 0x4c

Z/X/@ - 0x5a

Delete - 0x 8 or 0x8

Alt - 0xec

Sym - 0x77

Enter - 0x d or 0xd

CAPS - 0x78

Other Buttons

"Start" Key - 0x70

"Contacts" Key -0x71

Call Key - 0x72

Call End - 0x73

Back - 0x1b

Home - 0x56

Vol Up - 0x75

Vol Down - 0x76

UPDATE 08/25/08 5:16pm

I searched entire registry for 0x26, no results. Which I believe means that I need a whole entire string i.e.; 0x00000000 or whatever. Any feed back is appreciated

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Yea, I checked for 38 (decimal equivalent of the hex 26), and did in fact find an area that may be of use. I can't quite decipher it well enough to figure out if/how to make the scroll wheel send the codes for right/left instead of up/down though. This may be something hard-wired on the board.

Look at:


Everything in there is string values though, so I wouldn't even know for sure which value it's representing - ie hex or decimal or both. It lists multiple values for the keys though, some of which are obviously hex, so start with the assumption that the values are in hex for all those strings.

If you figure out what/how to add some keys/strings that'll change the action of the wheel, PLEASE let us know. I'm stumped.


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Wow this lead to more interesting things actually... The mappings I got no idea. But it led to how to change the incoming calls text colors, etc. Landscape and portrait.



Very nice.

I'm not so certain those are good keymappings as well... If they're what we're looking for. It has 1-9 as far as 31-39 but the values in the descriptions make no sense... UNLESS... The 31,65,72 are in fact all the same number or button. 0x31 is the number one on keypad so maybe 65 and 72 are variations. But 0x72 is Call button and 0x65 doesn't exist that i found yet.

Gotta keep searching it'll take some time. Good work! We may have to just create a program that loads on startup that lets you change your keyboard layout

ALSO Look in the different sections. Search for things like KBD, Keyboard, keyboard, key, keys, map, maps, mapping, layout, or anything you can think of please.


I searchd KBD in HKLM. Found a few interesting ones, I think a DLL may have to be edited.Check these out:






See what you can do with these.

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