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Hack: Disable Threaded SMS in WinMo 6.1

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I'm personally a big fan of Threaded SMS. But I'm sure there are some out there who are not. For those uninspired few, I happened across a Registry Edit to disable threading on 6.1 devices. (The author claims it works on both Professional & Standard devices (PPC & SP).

In your registry editor....Simply navigate to:


Under the registry key, create a new DWORD value with value name as SMSInboxThreadingDisabled and set it value data to 1. (then restart your phone)

Obviously...if you come to your senses eventually, you can change the value to 0 to revert back to threaded messages, or delete the dword entry entirely. (then restart your phone)

Click the credit link to also download a cab file to do this automatically. (Note that the .CAB file will also install the registry key to force enable the Sent SMS notification bubble.)

CREDIT: MyDigitalLife.info

EDIT: cab file is attached.


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Can I just point out that on some phones the OEM folder does not exist in the reg. If you create it and add the above key it will work and disable the (annoying :D ) threaded messaging. Not sure if your cab creates the folder if it doesn't exist encee?

Nice idea creating the cab btw, disabling TM is the 1st thing I do when reflashing!

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