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Can anyone answer some of my questions regarding

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I want to upgrade to the 6.1 software but there are quite a few things holding me back, i'll try to list them all, but I don't need everyone to answer every single question. If you happen to know 1 answer than I would definitely appriciate it.

Mind you this is all customization related which is why I am posting it on this forum, haha. Hopefully the topic doesn't get moved, but if it does than hopefully it goes to a better forum that i didn't think to post it in. :D

Now lets begin. I'm a really wordy person so i'll just cut to the chase and try to list off what i'm worried about and you can tell me if I don't have to worry about these plugins and mods not working.

As it stands, right now on my phone I have the following programs:


Fizz Weather


Fizz weather was interesting to get, and Orange?? Forget about it; A whole day of pounding my desk, yelling at websites and pulling out my hair (which is hard to do when you shave your head) till I FINALLY managed to get it (and then repeat the process all over again to get it to work), is why i'm weary of upgrading, because I don't want to upgrade and next thing I know these programs don't work.

However the thing is though the reason why i'm worried about these programs is because of the theme I use (which was the only one out of like, billions that i managed to like).


Now the thing is if I can find a way to get a theme like this on WM 6.1, than I don't care about orange or any of that. I just want to be able to have my appointments, voicmail info, the time, and specifically the weather right on the phone, and if there are themes that can do that with easier to get plugins then hell, i'll get that!

My next concern is the GPS. Will the phone-unlocking programs work for 6.1 as well?

I think that's about it actually, i can't think of anything else, but this is what's concerning me at the moment, especially since my family has Blackjack 2's as well, and i managed to switch them to this theme, but I want ot make sure they have the most up to date software and stuff too, you know?

Thank you in advance! :D

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So far for me, you can still use homescreen customization just like 6.0, just don't use the plugin for CHome (which is the sliding panels), and I don't have any issue using the MoDaCo unlock .cab on 6.1

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Well I just updated to the wm6.1 a few days ago ( I know I know a little bit late)

anyway the bad thing about it is the redownloading of programs, for me it was skyfire, windows live search and google maps to name a few.

With 6.0 I had always had a hard time connecting to GPS, even with the modaco hacks and unlocks and everything.....I spent countless hours trying to do those in an effort to make my GPS work. After upgrading I tried the GPS out using Google maps while sitting INSIDE my house and within 2 minutes I had an absolute direct lock on my position. I mean this thing even had the correct area of the house I was in, a little further to one side than the other. so far I am really impressed with 6.1. The threaded texting is a plus, and no more of that annoying info sent stuff when you send a text. The sliding panel is awesome and when i updated 6.1 also brought with it a few programs with trial runs that I have played around with already. So far no real complaints about 6.1 although i did lose a few of my numbers when i updated because they weren't on my sim card B)

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