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Maybe fake SPV E650

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How would I know if I got a fake SPV E650!

I had my phone for about 6 months have try a couple of time to load applications but keep getting error.

The apps ran on my M600, I read the same apps are compatible with my E650.

Best if I post the error .)



edit thanks Awarner (MVP)

Software is an Bin Dec Hex converter. as I said it worked with my M600, And is list as compatible

I think I try email the designer again.


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It's unlikely that the phone is a fake.

The E650 is a Smartphone and the M600 is a PocketPC. They both use Windows Mobile but slightly different versions.

This means what while some applications may work others that require a touch screen interface will not.

MS have now decided to call most things a "Smartphone" which makes things more confusing for people but the main difference is one has touch screen and the other does not.

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