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App unlock woes!

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I have recently had to dig out my old e200 for my girlfriend. To get it working for her I had to sim unlock with the pinned, non-perment unlock procedure above ( http://www.modaco.com/content/voyager-voya...00-patched-rom/ ).

My question is, how can i now get this phone app unlocked? I followed the post at the bottom of the unlocking thread about the registry settings but the software wont let me change them, and all the links to the orange site for the OTA unlock I can find thorugh the search are now out of date ;)

Has anyone got any recomendations on where to look next?

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There was a rogue application for unlocking but from memory it was pulled at the request of the Orange legal team.

I've had a hunt round the internet without much luck. The only suggestion I can give is to try contacting the orange developers team (if it still exists) and see if they can help you.

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