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A strange Notification error !

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Hi, \ i am using Hp ipaq 612c. A notification error mesagge always appear when i turn on the screen: "cannot excute \windows\styletapnotifyppc.exe". I remember this error appears after i go in the program "styletap" then exit. I go there because i forgot what is this program for. After i do a clean boot for my ipaq, all the programs that install in storage card are still there, so i go in and check this one. This program is used for running palm application on windows mobile. (http://www.styletap.com/).

Now, each time i power on the screen or quit a program ... this notification appears.

Even i delete all styletap folder in Storage card\programfiles then soft reset, it still remain.

I still get that message if i boot up without the storage card inserted.

How to avoid it ? Is there anybody could help me please ! Thanks alot !!!

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